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True Scuba Bali Programs

True Scuba Bali provides Professional Scuba Diving Tours and Snorkeling Tours on a daily basis, following established and proven standards and procedures to ensure quality control, outstanding service, and safety to our clients. 

Snorkeling Package

Experience and enjoy the tropical underwater realm with marine life during your snorkeling adventure in clear, calm, warm waters full of colorful fish and amazing coral. Our Snorkeling Guides will lead you to the most beautiful areas of interest.

Introductory Dive (1 day)

Prerequisites: Filled and Signed Medical Statement
This True Scuba Bali Package will introduce you, as an active participant, to the world of scuba diving. You will learn be instructed on and practice 5 Basic Scuba Skills to help you to avoid some potential problems underwater: Breathing habits, removing, replacing, and clear your regulator underwater, recovery and clearing your regulator underwater, clearing a flooded mask or clearing a foggy mask underwater, and alternate air source use and ascent (Air Share with your Buddy). This will be an exciting experience you but does not provide any certification from the diving agency. You will get a participation record from your Instructor that proves you had a scuba diving experience. This record can be used to validate to other Instructors in case you decide to continue your diving activities to a higher level.
This program, hopefully, will peak your curiosity about scuba diving and help you understand what it feels like “to breathe underwater” while exploring the realm below the waves! Our professional scuba diving Instructors will introduce you to scuba diving in a simple, safe, and effective manner. All the while, making sure you are comfortable. Starting in shallow water before moving to deeper water and
in conditions like that of a swimming pool - Calm and Clear! Maximum depth for an Introductory Dive is 12m. 

Bubble Makers (1 day)

Kids? YOU BET! ​ ​This is the perfect opportunity for your kids (8 yrs old and older) to gain scuba diving knowledge and experience...They will NEVER forget it! Max. Depth: 2m plus they will receive a participation record! LET’S GO DIVING!!!

Open​ ​Water​ ​Diver​ ​(3-5​ ​Days):​ ​OW​ ​-​ ​ ​Swimming​ ​Pool​ ​Sessions​ ​+​ ​4​ ​Open​ ​Water​ ​Dives 

The Open Water Diver Course is professionally conducted by active status PADI Certified Scuba Instructors who adhere to agency standards and procedures. Participants will learn, practice, and develop the basic skills and knowledge required for becoming a safe diver. Scuba Diving Theory is covered with an independent learning system and meets certification requirements and can be completed in the stress free environment of your choice. 

Referral Open Water Diver (2 Days): OW - 4 Open Water Dives

This is for those who have received the Scuba Diving Theory on-line and the swimming pool sessions from another Instructor but prefer to do their Open Water Dives in the tropical climate and clear waters of Bali.
We do require the Referral Form signed by the Instructor who conducted your initial training.

Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver (2 days); AOW- 5 Open Water Divers

The Advanced Open Water Course will provide you with more experiences and more challenges designed to make you a safer and more competent diver with which to enjoy the underwater world. You must complete two Adventure Dives: Deep Dive and Navigation Dive. The other three Adventure Dives can be chosen from: Multi-Level Diving, Wreck Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy (Highly Recommended), Night Diving, and Underwater Photography.
* OW certification (or same-level certification from another Agency) is required *

Emergency First Responder (1 day) : EFR

The EFR Course will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge to confidently respond to an accident should you be faced with such a situation. You will learn how to respond to near-drowning and drowning incidents. How to deal with choking and with bleeding management. How to splint, bandage, perform Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and how to assemble and use life-saving Oxygen equipment. The EFR is great for anyone and is a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver Certification Course.

Rescue Diver (5 days) 

The Rescue Diver Course will provide you with more experience and a better understanding of how to prevent accidents and how to respond to accidents should they occur while in the water or out of water. In short - how to better care for your safety and the safety of your dive buddies. You will cover Panic Diver situations, Distressed Diver situations, Unconscious Diver (breathing and non-breathing) situations, Out-of-Air/Low-on-Air situations, Lost Diver situations, and MANY more.
Joining the elite ranks of “Rescue Diver” is a very rewarding experience!
* You must have AOW Certification and current EFR certification to take this Course *

Dive Master (30 days) : DM
With a PADI DM Certification, you are now a Diving Professional and a member of the largest Scuba Diving Organization in the world.
You will be tasked to conduct a wide variety of very specific programs from Dive Briefings, Dive Site Assessments, and assisting in diving courses to Underwater Mapping Projects and Group Dive Planning...just to name a few!

We are committed to your enjoyment of the Scuba Diving Experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about our wonderful program.


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